Keep a documented overview of contracts, rights, obligations, deadlines and counterparties at any time.

The absence of a contract management system leads to a lack of control. Contracts are used in most business transactions which is why it is essential for companies to dispose of an intuitive and legally diligent system. With our digital solution PACTIUS you always keep a documented overview of the contractual rights, obligations, deadlines and counterparties of your company.

Our digital solution PACTIUS makes complex contractual procedures simple. PACTIUS helps your company breaking down the complexity of your business’s aggregate contract management into operational procedures that may be understood and handled by any employee involved in the business.

Accordingly, PACTIUS can also easily be handled by administrative staff without a legal or IT-related background.

PACTIUS, because it is easy, legally diligent and affordable. PACTIUS will help your company to get a documented overview of contracts, rights, obligations, deadlines, and counterparties at any time and makes it easy for you to search contracts and clauses using filtering tools. You may also get an overview of your own and other parties’ tasks, and it helps you check whether or not the tasks have been solved satisfactorily and on time.
  • Automatic notification of contractually defined events
  • Monitoring of relevant rights and obligations
  • Monitoring of the contracting parties and their activities
  • Documentation of contract fulfilment
  • Performance measurement (e.g. of service levels)
  • Documentation of the processing of problems and complaints
  • Backup and log
  • full-text search
  • Management of access rights and users (e.g. contract managers, external counsel)

Price: from CHF 250 per month
from EUR 210 per month